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Natural Fibres & Circular Materials

From Waste to Wear.

We live in a material world. We invest in the use of natural fibres as a way to live more sustainably.

Though only three percent of the world’s land area is covered by peatlands, Indonesia hold 30 percent to 40 percent of global carbon. And because some of the world’s largest peatlands are found in this country, its peatland management decision has a significant impact on the global environment as well as in-country markets and livelihoods. The two natural fibres businesses in our portfolio supports peat restoration efforts in Indonesia.

Pineapple Fibre

We love this tropical fruit for its flavour, the delights it brings to the culinary world, its Bromelaine Enzymes, but we love it best for the natural fibres the leafy wastes produce. The fibre strands are byproducts of the fruit industry, and it is also peat-friendly. We work with textile engineers and product designers to develop technologies and methods that increase both value and uses of pineapple fibres.

 Abaca, Ramie, and Other fibres

Project 02

Project 02

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